January 16, 2007



Thank you for covering this topic so I don't have to. Work is crazy right now.

I watch award shows like you watch football. Often I am too busy talking to hear all the jibber jabber the winners engage in.

Oh my God, Jennifer Hudson went on and on. So, by the way, did Meryl Streep when she won best actress in a comedy or musical. I think she tried to make some point about her movie, the Devil wears Prada playing in every theater in the U.S. She encouraged folks to demand more indies in their cineplexes. I didn't understand. Had Devil no been so ubiquitous in those late summer months, no way would she have won that award. It just wasn't that good.

Sacha Baron Cohen was entertaining. He kept talking about balls and assholes. Nothing boring about that.

Prince arrived too late to pick up his award for music in some movie like Little Feet. Justin Timberlake took a shot at him for being short. What a low blow. Get it? Low blow. Timberlake made no jokes about balls and whatnot even though Dick in Box will prove to be his greatest work ever.

Warren Beatty won a life time achievement award. Dude is getting old, but I love me some Reds! I love that movie like I love Dr. Zhivago. Anyway, they showed clips from all his movies. Can you believe I never saw Shampoo? I need to put it on my list.

I liked the Babel director's jab at the governator's immigration policy. That's because I hate Arnold Schwarzenegger like I hate cancer and heart disease. What a pig!

In contrast, I loved Helen Mirren's dress. Is it just me, or does Mirren seem bored at these events? I thought Vanessa Williams looked awesome and super pretty... which reminds me. That Ugly Betty winner, America Whatserface, made a nice speech. I was worried at first that she was going to lose it like Halle Barry at the Oscars a few years ago.

Or Forrest Whitaker last night! He seemed shocked, thrilled, or on drugs. He figured it out though. I haven't seen his film, but I'm looking forward to it. He's really good.

Both Elias and I were excited to see Scorsese win for the Departed. We thought that film rocked. It made me miss Boston for a second, and I never miss Boston.

anna (eng)

thanks to both the new agency and kathy for writing extensively about the golden globes or i would know nothing. I have been immersed in a world wherein such matters are not known nor discussed (the catholic church in los angeles), so i am eternally grateful for this breath of fresh air. I loved, loved, loved The Departed - so glad Scorsese won (and didn't know til just now)!

kathy (again)

Oh! I forgot something. What is up with froofy teased hair on white men? I'm thinking of Hugh Grant and others who look like they got updos with fat rollers.

Also, I didn't get the asymetrical look on Kyra Sedgwick's dress. It looked more like a sparkly bra showing through on one side than an intentional feature.

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